Why You Should Use a Temporary Job to Gain Experience

Whether you’re brand new to the job market or considering a career change, you may face a conundrum. Most employers want their full-time workers to have at least some familiarity with the basic job duties they will perform. But how can you become familiar with the field without actually working in it? A temporary job can be an excellent way to bridge the gap.

Here Are a Few Reasons Why a Temporary Job Could Be Exactly What You Need.

Easier Hiring Process 

Since temp workers aren’t expected to stay long, most employers don’t feel as much pressure to find the “perfect” candidate. They may also be in a hurry to fill the position. In addition, there are generally lots of temp roles waiting to be filled in any given geographic location, while full-time jobs may be harder to come by. Combine these factors, and it is often easier to land a job in your chosen field, even without experience. 

No Commitment Required 

Remember your high school summer jobs? A temporary job gives you the same kind of freedom to explore different workplaces and roles, and ultimately figure out what’s truly the right fit. While it is true that in the modern world, most people do some amount of job-hopping, temporary jobs are, by definition, not meant to last. It’s a great way to explore your interests without worrying about having to explain your wanderlust to a future employer. 

Building Skills and Experience 

Since employers tend to feel more comfortable hiring full-time workers with some experience, a temp job or two can be highly valuable. You can learn on the job, developing the skills you need to become competitive in your chosen role. Even if you end up in an entirely different field, the things you learn from your temp job will stick with you throughout your career. 


You’ve probably heard that networking is essential to building a strong career, but where do you find people to network with? Your temporary workplace is filled with people who could turn out to be mentors or even future business partners. And you never know who might have a lead on a full-time position that could turn out to be the job of your dreams. 

Ready to Get Started? 

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