Diversity in Temp Hires: An Overlooked Opportunity for Lasting Change?

More and more companies have begun to realize that diversity is critical in the workplace, bringing such benefits as improved morale, better problem-solving, and ultimately more profits. Many have even established diversity and inclusion councils to boost diversity throughout the organization. But few have yet turned their attention to increasing diversity in their temporary hires. This is a lost opportunity since more than a few temp workers go on to become permanent employees.

Here are some tips for increasing diversity in your temp staff. 

Make It a Priority 

Write specific goals for increasing diversity in each department, and share them with your staffing partner. Focus on key performance indicators (KPIs) that will determine how you measure success. You don’t want to hire people solely due to their gender, race, or ethnic background, but knowing your diversity goals can help your staffing firm decide which fully qualified and vetted candidates to send you. 

Embrace Flexibility 

Remote work and flexible scheduling can help improve your diversity by opening opportunities to talent pools that would otherwise be overlooked. People with transportation issues, those with certain disabilities, parents with young children, and caregivers may have a lot to offer but be unable to comply with rigid onsite scheduling requirements. In addition, many of today’s workers simply prefer a flexible workplace. 

Improve Your Processes 

Rewrite your job ads to make them more appealing to your targeted demographics. Explain your diversity efforts and ask for blurbs from existing employees in the groups you want to target. Make sure your ads are reaching your target candidates by focusing on the places they go in person or online. 

Use blind screening methods to strip identifying information from resumes and applications. Use short, standardized hiring questionnaires to reduce the influence of unconscious bias in hiring managers. Your interview team should not see either the candidate or any information such as where he lives or which school she attended until after the initial screening is complete. 

Seek Feedback 

Talk to your permanent employees as well as any diverse temp workers you employ. Learn what they were looking for in a position and why they chose to work for you. Find out how their interviews went, and whether they have experienced any unintentional disrespect either during the hiring process or while employed at your organization. Ask how you can improve your processes and make your company a more inclusive place to work. 

Need New Talent? 

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