Why You Should Pick Up the Phone When a Recruiter Calls

If you’re like many people, you probably have some doubts when someone contacts you offering help. After all, there are so many sales pitches and outright scams that it can be difficult to know who to trust. In the case of a job recruiter, though, it’s always smart to answer the phone. Of course, you’ll need to do your homework to make sure the agency is reputable, but if you’ve never considered working with a recruiter, here are a few reasons to consider it. 

Why You Should Pick Up the Phone When a Recruiter Calls

Finding New Opportunities 

Even if you stalk the job boards daily, you are missing a lot of the best opportunities. Recruiters use their connections with a wide range of companies to learn about job openings before they are ever posted. And if the first match doesn’t turn out to be right for you, don’t worry. You’ll remain in your recruiter’s database, and your resume will surface when the right fit comes along. 

Saving Time 

Whether you’re currently working or not, you probably have a lot on your plate. It takes a lot of time to sift through job opportunities and send resumes, and there often aren’t enough hours in the day for a thorough job hunt. 

For your recruiter, this is her full-time job. Recruiters know which jobs are available, and they are excellent at matching candidates with those jobs. Tapping into your recruiter’s knowledge helps you conduct a far more thorough search in much less time. 

Building Your Network 

Networking is a huge part of what a recruiter does each day. When her network becomes yours, you will have a far better chance of finding a position that is an excellent fit for you. Companies also tend to trust the recruiters with whom they partner, giving you an automatic advantage over candidates who send their resumes in response to an open job posting. 

Help and Advice 

When you look good, your recruiter looks good. This means that she’s likely highly motivated to help you put your best foot forward. Recruiters can coach you on interview techniques, help you revamp your resume, or even assist you with negotiating your offer. And the help doesn’t end when you’re hired. Many recruiters will aid you with onboarding, and keep you in their database in case you need help finding a new position later. 

Ready for a New Position? 

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