Grow Talent From Within: Why Upskilling is Great for Retention

No one wants to do the same job every day for the rest of their life. And sooner or later, you’re going to need to hire upper-level talent. Promoting from within is a win-win scenario. It ensures that your leadership team consists of people who are already familiar with your business operations, and it gives employees something to strive for rather than looking to the competition when they’re ready to move up. But it also means putting in the work to grow your existing team members into people who are ready for more responsibility.

Here’s how upskilling works.

Teach Communication

One of the most basic upskilling opportunities is in the area of communication. Strong leaders are able to listen, assess, and respond to often conflicting incoming data. Model good communication by implementing an effective feedback system. Make conversation with team members whenever possible. Explain the different types of communication and how to choose those that work best with each member of the team.

Promote Leadership Skills

One of the biggest challenges for newly promoted employees is forging and navigating a new relationship with their former peers. Work with those you want to promote on such basic leadership skills as communicating a vision and helping team members develop. Talk through ways of maintaining closeness with their coworkers while also building respect for their new role.

Build Confidence

A positive, confident attitude is vital for success, but many people are doubtful of their own abilities. Help your new leader develop confidence by building her up. Explain which leadership qualities she already embodies, and which you believe she can acquire quickly. Let her know that challenges are part of growth, and failure can lead to success. Describe how you and the rest of your executive team will support her, and encourage her to openly share feedback.

Upskilling workers can be a challenge, but it can help encourage employees to stay long-term while ensuring that your leadership team knows what it takes for your company to succeed. Putting in the effort to upskill your employees may be one of the best long-term investments you can make.

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