Tips to Hire Valuable Sanitation Workers

Sanitation workers provide an essential service for any city, town, or village. Proper removal and disposal of garbage keeps things tidy and smelling fresh, and helps to prevent a wide variety of diseases. Yet good sanitation workers can be hard to find. Follow these tips to hire sanitation workers you can trust to get the job done each and every time.

Write a Clear Job Description

Hiring the right people begins with creating the right job description. Layout all the job duties, from driving a garbage truck to operating mechanisms to lift, empty, and set down the garbage cans. Be clear about work schedules, pay, and benefits.

Pay Fair Wages

You won’t attract the best workers if they can make more money doing something else. Typical pay rates for sanitation workers vary by location, but are generally well over minimum wage. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the national average is $20.49 per hour. Know your area and be ready to adjust your rates accordingly.

Be Honest

Every company wants to put its best foot forward when recruiting applicants. But the truth is that sanitation workers face a number of challenges, from weather conditions to the reality of smelling garbage all day. During interviews, bring up the less savory aspects of the position to see how candidates react. You want workers who thrive on a challenge and are unafraid to get hot, wet, or dirty in the course of their day.

Look for Core Competencies

Sanitation workers typically learn on the job, but there are some key things to look for in suitable candidates. Physical strength and dexterity are critical, as they may need to lift up to 100 pounds, stand on the back of a truck for hours, and perform repetitive movements. Also, look for communication skills and signs of being a team player. Mental toughness and the ability to motivate others are also highly valuable.

Sanitation workers are a key part of any community, but it’s important to hire the right people. With a clear job description, fair wages, and an eye toward choosing candidates who are the right fit, you can reduce turnover and attract valuable employees.

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