Don’t Want to Keep Job Hopping, But Can’t Find Your Perfect Fit?

Finding just the right career can be challenging. Even if you like the idea of a job, you might discover that you don’t enjoy the day-to-day routine. Yet job-hopping can look bad on a resume. If you’re still looking for your perfect fit, consider working with a temp agency. Here are a few advantages of temp jobs.

Trying Different Positions

Temp jobs can help you explore different fields and decide what you truly want to do. By definition, they are time-limited, which means that if it’s not the right fit, you will soon be free to leave. Employers understand that temp jobs are short, so having several of them on your resume isn’t considered a negative.

Getting Hired Fast

Unless you’re independently wealthy, you probably need to work. Rather than holding out for your perfect job, you can bring in money while you figure out what you want. Temp agencies have lots of positions, so when your contract at one place ends, you can easily move to the next.

Gaining Experience

Employers are often more willing to take a chance on less-experienced workers for temp jobs, since they don’t have to worry about making a long-term commitment. If you’re thinking of changing industries, this can be a great way to get some experience, making you more competitive for a future full-time role.

Networking Opportunities

Maybe the temp job you take isn’t exactly right for you. But you just might meet someone who can recommend you for a position that turns out to be perfect. Or maybe you’ll find a mentor who can help guide you along your career path. Many of the best jobs are never posted to the public because they are filled through networking. The more people you meet professionally, the better your odds of finding someone who can point you in the right direction.

Job Search Support

Staffing agencies do more than just place people in temp jobs. We can help you narrow down your interests and find the areas where you shine. When you’re ready to pursue a full-time opportunity, we can help you with your resume and interviewing skills, and even through the onboarding process. Best of all, these resources are free for job hunters!

Ready for a New Position?

If you’re ready to jumpstart your career, Pirate Staffing can help. Take a look at our open opportunities, or simply submit your resume today!