Don’t Be Ghosted by Candidates This Valentine’s Day

Don’t Be Ghosted by Candidates This Valentine’s Day | Pirate Staffing

“Ghosting,” or suddenly cutting off communication, happens a lot in the dating world. But increasingly, it’s also moving into the job sector. In the era of the Great Resignation, job seekers have a lot of power, and if they see or hear something they don’t like, they feel free to simply move on. You can’t entirely prevent ghosting, but you can take proactive steps to reduce the risks.

How Not to Get Ghosted!

Understand Motivations

Learn why the candidate applied in the first place. This will help you understand what to expect, while also providing useful data that you can use in the future. Also, ask about the top three things the person wants in a new job. If what you’re offering isn’t a match, simply move on rather than dragging out the process.

Learn the Deal Breakers

All job seekers have a few areas in which they are unwilling to negotiate. Maybe the candidate wants to travel most of the time, or perhaps not at all. They might want to work remotely full-time, or they could be eager to get back into an office. Whatever the deal breakers are, if the job doesn’t align with them, move on to the next candidate.

Talk About Pay

Forcing prospects to go through several rounds of interviews before ever discussing money is a recipe for being ghosted. Job hunters are in the driver’s seat, and they want to know early on whether the offered salary is within their range.

Make a Pitch

Today’s job seekers view the interview process as a two-way street. They don’t just want to convince you to hire them. They also want you to convince them to take the job. Pretend you’re talking to a venture capitalist and pitch your company during the interview. Talk about its culture, history, and vision. Tell the candidate why it’s a great place to work.

Discuss the Current Job

When prospective new hires are currently employed, it’s worth finding out how serious they are about changing jobs. Learn why they’re job hunting and what would happen if their current employer made an offer for them to stay. This will help you figure out who’s more likely to ghost you because they don’t really need or want a new job.

Make the Offer

When you’re ready to make a job offer, go back through the things the prospect wants in a new role and state directly that you’re ready to offer them. Ask if you need to provide anything else to help them make a decision. Try to get a verbal commitment, which reduces the chances of last-minute ghosting.

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