How to Implement Work Culture with Your Remote Workers

How to Implement Work Culture with Your Remote Workers | Pirate Staffing

A great work culture is one of the top things employees are looking for today. It includes such core elements as employee engagement, individual growth, and collaboration. But in the post-pandemic era, more people than ever before are working remotely. How you can include them in your work culture? Here are some tips.

Here is How to Implement Work Culture For Remote Workers

Team Building

Strong and cohesive teams are at the core of great work culture. Make sure your remote workers are included with strategies such as:

  • Virtual water cooler. Create an online hangout for employees to share memes and have off-topic conversations.
  • Remote classes. These could be work-based or completely unrelated. And they could be formal certification programs or just for fun. You might even have team members who would like to lead a class on something they love, from speaking French to cake decorating.
  • Online games. Regardless of whether your employees are into fantasy football or fantasy roleplaying games, this can be a fun way to bring them together. Make it easier on yourself by using existing online gaming setups rather than trying to build something from scratch.
  • Show and tell. Remember how exciting show and tell was when you were a kid? Revive that spirit by asking workers to make short videos showing off the things they love.

Tech solutions

Your remote workers need a variety of tech resources to be successful. Work with your IT team to make sure they have access to such solutions as:

  • Project management
  • Videoconferencing
  • Document sharing
  • Some type of platform for collaboration


For remote workers to feel like part of the team, they’ll need frequent communication with both management and coworkers. But part of the allure of remote work is flexibility. Rather than forcing everyone to be virtually present in real-time, consider offering asynchronous communication tools. Chat, online forums, recorded videos, and the like allow people to respond to communications during their own working hours, while also providing a log of what was discussed.

Helping remote workers enjoy the benefits of a great work culture isn’t easy, but it is well worth the trouble. When making big decisions, always step back to consider how the decision affects them. Give them the tools they need for success and keep the lines of communication wide open, and you’ll go a long way toward helping them feel included and valued.

Do You Have a Work Culture For Remote Workers?

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