X Marks The Spot! You Found the Perfect Candidate

You probably already know about red flags in the hiring process. Candidates who aren’t a good fit are often pretty obvious. But what about green flags? They can tell you that you’ve found the perfect candidate for the job. Here’s what to look for.

How Do You Know if You Found the Perfect Candidate?

Knowledge and Openness

The best candidates have already done their homework. They’re informed about both the specific position and the company as a whole, and they know why they want the job. But they’re also open to learning more. They don’t assume that they have the whole story, and they are eager to dive even deeper. They ask smart questions.


Your perfect candidate is genuinely excited about the role, the company, and even the interview. Top candidates know exactly where they want to be, and it’s in that specific role at your particular company.


The perfect candidate isn’t perfect at all. Look for someone who is open about their flaws but is actively working to improve. They should be willing to talk about previous mistakes and what they learned. They should understand that it’s all part of the growth process and be willing to speak openly about that process.

Timely Responses

Look for a candidate that responds quickly throughout each stage of the hiring process. Coordinating schedules can be challenging, especially if the recruit is currently employed full-time, but they should be eager to settle on times and dates that work for both sides.

Interview Flow

When everything just clicks, you’ll know it. The interview will feel like a conversation rather than an interrogation. The candidate will answer your questions thoroughly, and will also ask thoughtful questions of their own. If you experience this type of interview flow, take note. That person could just be the perfect candidate for the role.

The hiring process can be tedious, and you might start to feel like you are surrounded by red flags. But don’t discount the green flags, which can tell you when it’s time to stop looking and make an offer.

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