Why Work with Pirate Staffing to Find Top Talent

Hiring new staff members can be challenging, even under the best circumstances. In today’s labor market, it can feel impossible to find the right workers. And more than two years after the Covid-19 pandemic shut the world down, companies are still feeling the effects. You might need temporary workers to help fulfill a big order, but be reluctant to bring too many people on full-time. Your HR department is likely busy keeping up with current employee needs, as well as complying with ever-changing regulations. At times like these, it only makes sense to reach out to a recruiting firm like Pirate Staffing for help. Here’s why.

Why Should You Work With Pirate Staffing to Find Top Talent for Your Company?

Hiring Options

At Pirate Staffing, we’re experts in industries ranging from hospitality to light industrial. We have a full complement of fully vetted workers who are ready to work, and we know how to find the right match between employees and companies. Whether you want a dozen temporary employees to help meet a deadline, or you want to test out one person through our temporary-to-hire program, we are here to help!

Safety Training

We know that warehouses and construction sites can be dangerous places. That’s why all of our employees undergo mandatory safety training before we send them to you. Even better, we can provide customized safety training designed to fit your exact needs. That’s one less thing to worry about when you bring on a temporary to temp-to-hire employee!

Payroll and Compliance Services

Paperwork can be time consuming, and governmental regulations can be tough to keep up with. Consider outsourcing your payroll and other compliance needs to us. We’ll make sure everything is taken care of properly and on time.

Best Match Dispatch

Need people to help you out today? No problem at all. We open for calls at 6 a.m. and we have the ability to send you capable, trustworthy workers the same day. With our Best Match Dispatch service, just tell us what you need and your new temp workers will arrive shortly!

Need New Talent?

If you’re ready to bring on new temp-to-hire, temporary, or permanent employees, Pirate Staffing is here for you. Learn what we can do to help, and then contact us to get started.