The Impact of Technology in the Recruitment Process

The Impact of Technology in the Recruitment Process | Pirate Staffing

Technology is evolving rapidly, and artificial intelligence (AI) has become the hot new thing. But how can new and emerging technology, particularly AI and machine learning, help recruiters make better hiring decisions? Here are three key areas.

What is the Impact of Technology in the Recruitment Process?

Increasing Reach

One of the biggest things tech has done for the world of work is to make it smaller and more interconnected. It wasn’t that long ago that if you wanted to hire someone, you placed an ad in the local newspaper and waited for candidates to show up. Today, you can easily increase your search area to include your entire region or even the globe. If you’re hiring for a remote position, you don’t even have to worry about relocation costs. But even if the role is solely on-site, you can now reach people who plan to move to your area soon, not just those who already live there.

Assessing Skills

Humans are notoriously poor at assessing other humans. Whether you tend to give others the benefit of the doubt or are extremely picky, it can be tough to determine exactly where a candidate’s skills lie. AI can help, through screening software designed to give a more accurate assessment. More sophisticated programs can also check the candidate’s ability to apply those skills to real-world situations, and can even help to determine whether an applicant is the right “fit” for the position.

Utilizing Digital Badges

As more and more companies are turning to skills-based hiring, many applicants are gaining certifications in specific skill areas through online courses. These courses often provide digital badges to prove skill mastery. If you’re not using the latest technology, though, you may not be able to see and verify these badges. And that could mean turning away highly qualified candidates who are ready to go on Day One.

Of course, technology has its own limitations. It can never fully replace the human element. You’ll want to pair your technological solutions with tried and true interview techniques to get the most complete picture of any candidate.

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