Thoughtful Methods for Presenting a Salary Increase Request

Asking for a raise can feel intimidating and even scary. But it is absolutely justified in many circumstances. If your responsibilities have grown, you have gained new skills, or you have been in the role for some time, don’t hesitate to ask for a raise. To increase your chances for success, follow these simple tips.

How Can You Ask for a Salary Increase?

Do Your Homework

The first step is to determine what salary would be reasonable. Look into the national average for your position and level of experience. Then drill down into your local market. How much do competitors pay people in a similar role? Don’t be afraid to list nearby companies by name, as your employer would likely prefer not to lose top talent to the competition. When researching salaries, be sure to take into account your unique skills, certifications, and any honors you have earned.

Prepare a Pitch

You will likely need to explain why you deserve a raise. Write a short pitch that details your accomplishments, including ways in which you have brought value to the company. Whether you helped increase profits or have begun taking on new responsibilities, your pitch should show your worth as an employee. If you can back up your claims with numerical data, be sure to include it.

Put It in Writing

It’s fine to ask for a raise in person, but you should also submit a formal written request. This creates a record for your personnel file that can be referred to later on. You can deliver the request by hand or electronically.

Make sure your written document includes your pitch. Also, include a formal request for an in-person meeting to discuss your salary. This will start the ball rolling.

Follow Up

If you haven’t heard anything within a week of delivering your request, contact your boss to set up an in-person discussion. Be ready to reiterate your pitch and to answer whatever questions your supervisor might have. Also, be aware that you may not get the full salary increase that you request. You may go through a negotiation process in which you and your boss meet in the middle. And be sure to thank your boss for considering your request, even if you don’t ultimately get the raise.

Asking for a raise can feel intimidating. Simply follow the process above to remain professional and boost your chances for a successful negotiation.

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