3 Ways to Know if You Found the Perfect Job at the Perfect Company

3 Ways to Know if You Found the Perfect Job at the Perfect Company | Pirate Staffing

So you just landed your dream position. Or maybe you took a role that you weren’t too sure about, but it’s shaping up to be better than you could have imagined. Either way, are you wondering if you really captured lightning in a bottle? Here are three ways to tell whether you have really found the perfect job.

How Do You Know If You Found the Perfect Job?

You’re Genuinely Excited

Most people are somewhat excited in the first days and weeks at a new job. It’s nice to have a steady paycheck and a fresh start! But when you land the right role, you’ll feel a deeper excitement. You can picture yourself in your supervisor’s role. You see a long-term career path ahead. The work itself is more motivating than the pay, and your coworkers share your passion and values.

You Have a Work-Life Balance

No matter how much you value a job, working all the time simply isn’t sustainable. In the perfect job, you’re not expected to sacrifice your personal life. If you suddenly have time and energy for your family and friends, you’re able to pursue your hobbies, and you are prioritizing self-care, congratulations! You’re in a great position.

You Love to Talk About Your Job

When you’re in the wrong position, you may find yourself grumbling to anyone who will listen. But when you’re in the right job, you’re bursting with interesting stories and amusing anecdotes. If you start to realize that work is dominating your conversations in a good way, it’s an excellent sign that you’re exactly where you should be.

Don’t fret if your initial burst of excitement starts to wear off over time. Maintaining strong emotions is hard work, even when they’re positive feelings. Things will start to normalize, and you’ll inevitably find aspects of your role that aren’t your favorite. But when you’re in the perfect job for you, the overall good feelings will continue to outweigh everything else. Check in with yourself now and then, but otherwise, relax and enjoy your work!

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