At Pirate Staffing they do their best to get you in and out and with a job in no time; as fast as the next day assignments. The application process is fast and easy and only takes about 20 mins.

Factory Worker, Current Employee

Pirate Staffing is a temporary/permanent job agency. They would find me jobs all the time. Mostly warehouse work. Lots of different positions – loading unloading; operating production machines; packaging; labeling; etc. Sometimes construction; delivering furniture; setting up party equipment. Overall good work agency.

Former Employee

The ladies that work there are friendly. Placed me with a job in a timely manner most of the time. It’s cool if you’re trying to try different things and gain some experience.

Temp Worker

The owners are great people to work for. They really know what it is like for people to have a family. As long as you do your job, they don’t expect anything else out of you.

Assistant Office Manager

Reliable source of income and employment when needed; opportunities, helpful and resourceful employees. The only thing is that there is no medical insurance or benefits, etc.

General Laborer/Warehouse Worker

In all, they do help in finding work, the staff are great people who try their best in accommodating schedules and location of jobs sites. They are very understanding in life’s hardships. I would refer them to friends and family. Thank you Pirate Staffing.

Former Employee

Great schedule with flexible hours giving you time for all types of hobbies while prioritizing responsibilities.

Former Employee

You work in various job sites they send you. It could be classic party rentals setting up parties or warehousing, It’s a workforce agency; you tell them what skills you have experience in, and the job agent helps you get a great job for the day or book for the remaining months. The pay is great; full benefits. They cash out every week. If you have direct deposit, they cash you every day at the end of that shift. Great place to work.

Food Service Employee

They would get me jobs fairly quick it was mostly warehouse jobs minimum wage sometimes the company was willing to hire other times it was just a few weeks work but that was clear from the start which I appreciated

Equipment Operator

Very easy and smooth very convenient nice jobs not too far very understanding and open with the schedule very fast work immediately found on internet.

Sales Associate