The Ultimate Guide for Answering the Most Common Interview Questions

So you’ve landed an interview for a job you really want. Congratulations! Before you start celebrating, though, you will need to make sure you’re fully prepared for the interview. While it’s possible that the interviewer could throw some curveballs your way, most people actually get tripped up by extremely common interview questions.

Here’s how to nail them. 

Tell Me About Yourself 

This is not the time for a dissertation. Instead, think of your response as an elevator pitch – a short, compelling explanation of why you’re perfect for the job. In a sentence or two, describe your current role and your biggest accomplishment in it. Then provide a short description of any previous relevant experience, and close with the strongest reasons you are right for the position. 

Why Should We Hire You? 

The best answer to this question has three parts: How you will deliver strong results in the role, your ability to fit into the company culture, and why you are a better choice than any other candidate. To prepare, dig into the job description and research the company, then determine how you fit both the role and the business. 

What Are Your Biggest Weaknesses? 

This is a tricky question because you need to strike a balance between showing self-awareness and not making the interviewer question your skills. To craft your reply, think of something you struggle with that isn’t a basic requirement for the job, and then focus on what you’re doing to improve. 

For example, time management skills aren’t necessarily critical for a job on a production line, but many employers like to know that you have them. So you could mention that you’re not the best at time management, but you’re using tools like calendars and reminder notifications to get better at it. 

Why Do You Want This Job? 

This question needs a two-part answer: why you want the position, and why you want to work specifically for that company. It will take a bit of research to prepare your answer. Re-read the job description and come up with a sentence or two on how it connects to your passions. Then look up the company’s biggest accomplishments and find one or two that resonate with you. 

Every interview is unique, and it’s impossible to know exactly what each interviewer wants. Preparing for these common questions, though, can help boost your chances of success. 

Ready for a New Position? 

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