How to Show Your 3rd Shift Workers Appreciation

If your business runs 24 hours a day, you may find that it’s easy to hire and keep employees on the first and second shifts, but the third shift can be a bit more challenging. While some people are natural night owls, the majority of third-shift workers are changing their entire routine to do the job. To help attract and retain top talent, then, you’ll need to make their efforts worthwhile.

Here are a few ideas.

Free Snacks

Everyone needs a boost during their workday, and snacking is a great way for third shift employees to keep their energy levels high. Buying snacks in bulk is a relatively inexpensive way to show your third shift employees that you care. Just be careful what you choose. Heavy sugary snacks can make overnight workers more sleepy, and some people may be unable to eat them. Instead, offer a variety of healthier items such as nuts, granola bars, and trail mix, which combine protein with complex carbs for a longer and steadier energy boost. Sparkling water is more fun than plain water but healthier than soda.

Teambuilding Activities

Many team building locations, from escape rooms to painting classes, are open late. So are a lot of restaurants. Once a month, invite your third shift workers to participate in an offsite activity before work. It will get everyone pumped up for the night ahead, bring your employees closer together, and let them know you appreciate their hard work.

Incentivize with Benefits

If the pay and benefits are exactly the same on the third shift as they are on the first and second shift, it’s only natural that many employees will want to move up when a position becomes available. But fewer people are likely to want to move away from higher pay or better benefits. Consider offering a shift differential in pay, providing more PTO, or even creating a more flexible work schedule for your night shift workers.

Third shift is crucial to many warehouses and other businesses. But it can be tough to attract and keep top workers on the graveyard shift. Fortunately, there are inexpensive ways to encourage employees to sign up for third shift long-term.

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