4 Tips to Staff Up for Spring

Like most companies, you probably took drastic action when the COVID-19 pandemic hit a year ago. Whether you shuttered operations altogether, laid off nonessential staff, or sent everyone to work from home, the year 2020 likely looked much different than you anticipated. But now, a year later, vaccinations are flowing and the economy is starting to rebound.

If you’re ready to bring on some new staff, here are some tips.

Streamline the Process

The 2019 hiring model no longer makes sense. It’s bloated and expensive, and with so many employers eager to hire, you risk losing top talent to your competitors if you take too long. Streamline the hiring process by using software to screen resumes, administering skills tests early in the process, and scheduling interviews back to back. The faster you can hire (without sacrificing quality), the better the experience will be for both you and your new employees.

Hire for Diversity

The summer of 2020 was a time of reckoning, and hiring for diversity is more important than ever before. Rewrite your job postings to remove language bias, post pictures of your diverse staff on your website, offer as much flexibility as possible and use blinding software to remove unintentional bias from the hiring process. A diverse workforce is key to putting together the best ideas and, ultimately, boosting your profits.

Consider Temp-to-Hire

The temp-to-hire model is a great way to bring workers in quickly while maintaining flexibility. You can test out potential new employees to see if they’re the right fit, ensure that it really makes sense to fill a position full-time, and avoid the immediate costs involved with bringing on a new hire. Once you’re sure you have the right person for the job, it will be easier to make the role permanent.

Work with a Staffing Agency

One of the best ways to fill your spring staffing needs is to partner with a staffing firm. Your internal human resources department may already have its hands full with existing employee needs. Regulations are changing frequently as we emerge from the pandemic. And vetting potential hires can be expensive and time-consuming. A staffing agency can present you with qualified, fully-vetted candidates, while also helping you keep up with changing compliance issues.

Need New Talent?

If you’re ready to bring on new temp-to-hire, temporary, or permanent employees, Pirate Staffing is here for you. Learn what we can do to help, and then contact us to get started.