Most Commonly Missed Safety Rules in Warehouses

If you’re like most warehouse managers, you probably try hard to keep your workers safe. But warehouses are busy places, and sometimes safety rules end up being overlooked. When updating your safety training, be sure to focus on these items that workers commonly miss.

Commonly Missed Safety Rules in Warehouses

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

As the name implies, personal protective equipment is designed to help workers stay safe. Many different items fall into this category, from goggles to work gloves to steel-toed boots, depending on the nature of the work. During your safety training, have employees practice putting on and removing all needed PPE. The goal is for it to become second nature so that they are less likely to forget.

Electrical Problems

Most warehouses use a variety of machines, many of which are powered by electricity. Busy employees may try to fix faulty machines on their own, but this can be dangerous. Make sure every employee understands important safety rules like how to properly tag and report a faulty machine, and knows never to mess with electricity unless properly certified.

Slips and Falls

Warehouse floors can become slippery from leaking fluids or other spills. They can also develop cracks or become obstacle courses of loose cords and other objects. In addition, many warehouse workers at least occasionally work at heights. If not properly secured, they could be at risk of falling. Assess the hazards of your worksite, and then spend some time in safety training talking through those specific risks and how to avoid them.

Object Stacking

Warehouses typically feature rows and rows of tall stacks of products or materials. But improper stacking can raise the risk of falling objects. Inexperienced workers and those who are in a hurry may be more likely to create stacks that aren’t carefully balanced and stable. Before allowing any worker to stack items independently, have her work side by side with a trusted long-term employee. Review proper stacking techniques during each safety training, and hold employees accountable.

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