Clean Up Your Resume This Spring with These 7 Tips

Are you sending out resumes but not getting the response you wanted? Hiring personnel spend just seconds deciding what to do with each resume, so if yours doesn’t shine it could be overlooked.

Here are a few resume tips to implement this spring and boost your chances of landing an interview.

Add Keywords

Did you know that your resume could be rejected without anyone ever laying eyes on it? More and more companies now use automated filters to search for relevant keywords. One of the most important resume tips is to go through the job description to determine which skills are most important, and choose the same wording. Don’t keyword stuff, though, or the first person to look at your resume will immediately reject it. Make sure the keywords flow naturally with the rest of the wording.

Write a Catchy Header

Don’t bother with an objective, which will make your resume appear dated. Instead, take the opportunity to create a personal branding statement. In just a couple of sentences, tell the hiring manager who you are and why you’re good at what you do.

Show, Don’t Tell

This old storyteller’s saying is entirely relevant here, as your resume tells the story of your career. Use metrics such as percentages or dollar figures to show off your past accomplishments.

Format and Proofread

Choose a professional, modern format that is easy to read and minimizes clutter. In most industries, you can punch up your resume with a bit of color, but remember that less is more. Use it only to highlight particularly relevant or exciting details. Carefully proofread everything, preferably aloud, as a single typo could be enough to prevent you from getting the job.

Don’t Restrict Yourself to One Page

It’s okay to throw out the old rule about keeping a resume to a single page, especially if you’ve been working for several years. Your resume can be as long as two pages, assuming it’s concise and tightly edited, with no unnecessary filler.

Tweak It Every Time

Most people have a great deal more knowledge, skills, and experience than can fit onto a single resume. Always read the job description carefully and make edits to highlight the parts of your background that are the most relevant to that specific position.

Write for Your Industry

Every industry has specific non-negotiable qualifications for different types of positions. Maybe you need certain technical certifications or continuing education credits or safety training classes. Put those items front and center on your resume where they won’t be overlooked.

Ready for a New Position?

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