Why You Should Keep Staff on Standby

If yours is like most companies, 2020 was a tough year. As we emerge from the pandemic, you may be having trouble staffing all open positions, while also worrying about budgets. Fortunately, working with a staffing agency can help solve these twin problems. We can provide you with qualified, vetted, temporary employees who are ready to go on a moment’s notice. They’ll fill in as needed, without the expense of bringing them on full-time.

Here are a few reasons for all manufacturing and light industrial workplaces to keep staff on standby.

Injuries and Illnesses

Worksites can be dangerous, despite your best attempts at minimizing risks. Likewise, illnesses can easily spread among team members who are working in close proximity to each other. Without someone to fill in, the work could grind to a halt. Keeping qualified staff on standby ensures that your operations can continue while your injured or ill workers take time to heal.

Specialty Skills

You never know when a project will arise that requires specific skills or experience. No matter how good your team members are, they can’t be experts at everything. Rather than turning down a project or trying to learn on the fly, why not have temporary workers standing by, ready to fill any skills gaps that arise?

Seasonal Demands

Many manufacturing and light industrial facilities experience seasonal spikes and valleys in demand. You could bring on new full-time team members during an upswing, but then what do you do with them when demand shrinks? Or you could place ads and try to find your own temporary workers, but that takes a lot of time, effort, and money. Working with a staffing agency to keep qualified temp workers on standby lets you simply bring people in when you need them, and then end their contracts when the rush is over. You may even be able to use some of the same people season after season.

Need New Talent?

If you’re ready to bring on new temp-to-hire, temporary, or permanent employees, Pirate Staffing is here for you. Learn what we can do to help, and then contact us to get started.