Why More Women Should Consider a Career in Skilled Trades

At one time, job postings were listed as “men’s” or “women’s” work. Women were expected to become teachers, caregivers, nurses, or maybe retail clerks. Men dominated the skilled trades. This all changed briefly during World War II, when Rosie the Riveter drew women into traditionally male-dominated jobs while their husbands were serving in the military. But when the men came home, women largely retreated to the traditional female-dominated occupations.

Now, though, things are starting to change. With a strong and constantly growing demand, and employers eager to increase the diversity of their workforce, the skilled trades offer women as well as men a secure career path. Here are just three reasons for women to consider a career in skilled trades.

Job Opportunities

No matter where you live, there is always a need for goods to be produced and transported. Whether you’re in a big city or a rural area, the manufacturing and light industrial fields are always looking for good employees. The work is stable, and promotions are relatively easy to get at most facilities. If for some reason you don’t like the first place you work, there’s another opportunity right around the corner.

Low Bar to Entry

The cost of a college education continues to skyrocket, with no end in sight. It also takes an average of four years to earn a bachelor’s degree, and some students need a bit longer. By contrast, you can complete a certification in most skilled trades in about a year, at just a fraction of the cost. And you may be able to start in an entry-level position without a certificate, and then get certified as you work your way up.

Higher Wages

The skilled trades typically pay significantly better than traditionally female-dominated occupations. The gender gap between male and female pay rates is also lower than in most industries. And you may be able to further increase your pay through shift differentials, new certifications, promotions, and other means.

It is true that the skilled trades require hard physical work. But as the women of World War II quickly learned, it’s nothing that the average, reasonably fit woman can’t handle. So if you’re looking for a new job in a stable field, why not give the skilled trades a try?

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