How to Increase Your Logistics Team’s Efficiency

Whether you run a manufacturing facility or a warehouse, logistics can determine whether you have a smoothly running worksite at peak production or a bogged down mess that is always behind. But for your logistics team to operate at its best, you need to provide an environment that promotes success. Here’s how to increase your logistical efficiency.

Hire an Expert

Your logistics manager should have a strong background in, well, logistics. He or she should know how to identify and assess choke points, and design and implement solutions. Your manager should also be an expert communicator and team leader, able to explain what needs to be done and to rally the troops to make it happen.

Implement Technology

Without an information management system, it’s virtually impossible for today’s companies to perform at peak logistical efficiency. These systems allow you to collect and analyze data, rapidly shifting resources to where they will be most in demand at any given time.

Also consider automating where you can. From robots that transport supplies to the manufacturing line to systems that reorder raw materials as needed, automation can dramatically streamline your operations.

Create a Logical Flow

Make sure that your people have easy access to the equipment and materials they need when they need them. Set up an item flow from department to department that reduces or eliminates crisscrossing the facility floor. Use your information management system to predict seasonal patterns, and plan accordingly.

Encourage and Empower Your Staff

No amount of data collection can replace the eyes, ears, and brains of your team members on the floor. Implement an open feedback system for them to share their observations. Boost employee engagement and help them take ownership of their work by developing a reward system. Proactively walk the floor on a regular basis, and stop to ask team members how their day is going. Empower staff members to solve problems and contribute ideas for improving operations.

Logistical efficiency is vital to your company’s success, but many people are unsure where to begin. Fortunately, following the above tips can put you on the road toward peak operations.

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