How to Battle with Big Brands for Top Talent

If you run a small company, you might worry about whether you can compete with industry leaders for talent, especially in the age of the Great Resignation. More than likely, big brands can offer “shinier” starting compensation packages. But don’t sell your small business short. You have the opportunity to make some offers that larger companies simply can’t. Here are a few ways to attract top talent.

Sense of Community

Small businesses tend to have deep roots in the local community. Whether you sponsor a local Little League team or put up a booth at every county fair, many workers are drawn to companies that take a real interest in what’s happening locally. And don’t forget to build a sense of community within the workplace. People who feel like they’re part of a close-knit “work family” are often more loyal to the company.

Additional Training

Many larger companies are tightly regimented, and it can be difficult for employees to navigate the hierarchy. As a smaller business, consider offering resources such as extra training for anyone who wants it. This could include things that cost little or nothing, such as job shadowing, as well as employee development classes.

More Opportunities

Flexibility is something that’s much easier for small companies to offer. Lateral transfers, increasing responsibility, and even zigzags through different departments are often possible. Offering flexible career paths can be a huge draw for workers who are still trying to decide exactly where they fit, as well as those who learn quickly and are always looking for the next challenge.

Better Culture

As a small business, you have the opportunity to decide what you want your company culture to be. Want to give everyone Friday afternoons off or take the entire company out for a monthly lunch? It’s up to you. Talk to your existing employees about ways to improve your company culture, and then start implementing the best suggestions.

Work-Life Balance

Many people prefer to work for smaller companies, because they tend to offer a better work-life balance. You might offer flexible scheduling or remote work, or simply insist that everyone go home at 5:00 rather than working late. Either way, you can help ensure that your employees have plenty of time to spend with their families and friends.

As a small company, you probably can’t compete with industry leaders in pay and traditional benefits. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have a lot to offer. From workplace culture to flexibility, you can offer the intangibles that many workers are looking for.

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