Communication is KEY to a Positive Candidate Experience

As an employer, you’re probably already aware of The Great Resignation, in which legions of workers are leaving their jobs. While some are moving out of the workforce altogether, others are simply switching to new companies. This can actually be valuable for you, as top-tier candidates might be available. But to attract and retain them, you’ll need to create an excellent candidate experience. And communication is a key component. Here’s how to improve it throughout the process.


Filling out an application is many candidates’ first experience with your company. And no one wants to feel like their application fell into a black hole. Set up a personalized email template that automatically generates when an application is submitted. Be sure to say thank you and to confirm that the application was received.


It can take some time to review applications and decide which candidates to call for an interview. Job applicants understand this, but they don’t like being left in the dark for long periods of time. Send out regular updates. And if you remove a candidate from consideration, let that person know. Don’t make them wait until you fill the position.


After an interview, send an email thanking the candidate for their time. Be sure to mention something that you enjoyed about the conversation, and offer an approximate time frame for when you’ll follow up.

Offers or Rejections

After someone has taken the time to interview with you, it’s only polite to let them know their status over the phone. If you’ve decided to pass on the candidate, a short phone call lets them know it’s time to move on, while also leaving the door open for possible future hiring. If you plan to make an offer, a personal phone call shows that you’re excited about welcoming the candidate to the team. It also gives them the chance to ask questions or express any concerns about the offer. Of course, you’ll need to follow up with written documentation as soon as possible, preferably by email, but the news should initially come through real-time communication.

Need New Talent?

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