Deciding to Leave a Job: Is the Grass Actually Greener Elsewhere?

Now is a great time to find a new job. But leaving your current job can be hard, especially when you are comfortable with what you do. How can you tell if the grass is actually greener on the other side or if you should stay in your current role? Here are some signs that it’s time to move on.

It’s a Toxic Environment

Some workplaces have better office culture than others. But some are frankly toxic. If the environment is constantly tense and mistrustful, if employees are afraid to speak out, or if harassment and bullying are common, things aren’t likely to get better anytime soon. No matter how comfortable you are with the work itself, it’s time to move on.

There’s No Challenge

Humans are built for lifelong learning and constant growth. If you’re starting to stagnate, and there isn’t a clear path for future growth, consider moving on. You might feel comfortable in your position. But the odds are that you’ll feel a lot more fulfilled when you start moving forward again.

The Company Is in Trouble

This can be a tough one. It’s only natural to feel some loyalty, especially if you have been with your company for a while. But if salaries are being frozen, layoffs are becoming more frequent, or rumors of a takeover are swirling, you don’t want to be caught unaware. It may be better to find a new job while you’re still employed, rather than waiting to see if you’re laid off or let go.

Your Ethics or Values No Longer Align

The country is becoming ever more polarized, and this divide is, unfortunately, starting to show up in many workplaces. Having a range of different points of view can make a workplace stronger. But if yours is starting to tee up in a specific direction that’s entirely counter to your own beliefs, it can spill over into all aspects of the workday. If you feel like your ethics or values are no longer aligned with those of your company, leaving your current job may be best.

Ready for a New Position?

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