Simple Team-Building Exercises for Your Warehouse Workers

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Warehouse employees spend a lot of time working closely together. The better their communication, and the more they trust each other, the more smoothly your operation will run. So how can you promote employee bonding? Here are a few easy team-building exercises to try.

What Are Some Team Building Exercises?

Do Some Brainstorming

Everyone has ideas to contribute that can make the workplace better, but warehouse workers don’t always know where to submit their suggestions. Get everyone into the same room (in person or virtually) and start talking. Go around the room and have each person make one suggestion while someone writes them all down on a whiteboard. Then go through the list and discuss each idea.

Try a Few Thought Experiments

There is always an element of risk in a warehouse, as well as a feeling of organized chaos. So warehouse workers need to be able to think on their feet. Research thought experiments online and have your employees tackle a new one every month or so. This will keep their critical thinking skills sharp, while also teaching them to problem-solve together.

Have Some Fun

Games can serve many of the same purposes as thought experiments, in a more relaxed way. Get everyone moving with a rousing round of Capture the Flag or pull out a couple of board games. Look for games that require teamwork and be sure they are work-appropriate.

Do a Blind Walk

Divide the group in half and partner everyone up. Then blindfold one member of each pair and have the other lead them around on a walk. When you’re done, switch who’s wearing the blindfold and do it again. This can be especially effective if you pair up people who don’t know each other well, as it will teach them to quickly build trust and communication.

Team-building can be a great way to boost productivity in a warehouse. All you need is a bit of creativity, some open space, and a willingness to try new things.

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