Save Money on Your Work Boots! Here’s How to Make Them Last Longer

Save Money on Your Work Boots! Here's How to Make Them Last Longer | Pirate Staffing

If you work in a warehouse or on a job site, you probably wear work boots. They’re vital to your safety and health, as well as your personal comfort. But most of the time, employers expect workers to pay for them. It can be tempting to cut corners by purchasing cheaper boots, but a better idea is to buy a good pair and take active steps to make them last. Here are some tips.

Need To Make Your Work Boots Last Longer? Here’s How!

Shop for Quality

Learn how to identify a top-quality pair of boots. You’ll want to check the stitching, pay attention to the insoles, and choose a long-lasting material such as leather. Read reviews and talk to your coworkers before making a decision. Try them on to make sure they’re comfortable. If you have any foot or leg problems, you may want to add appropriate insoles to improve comfort and safety.

Treat Them Immediately

When you first get your boots, treat them with a waterproofing agent that is also a stain repellant. This will help prevent a cycle of stretching and shrinking that, over time, can break down the boots. Be sure to read the product instructions to find out how often you need to re-treat them.

Care for Them Daily

When you get home each night, check your boots. Wipe off any dirt and debris. If they’ve gotten wet, dry them with a hairdryer set on low or in front of a fan. Don’t use heat, which may dry them faster but can also cause over-drying and cracking. Before you go to bed, put cedar shoe trees in your boots. This will draw out sweat, reduce odors, and help them maintain their shape.

Give Them a Break

Give your work boots the weekend off rather than wearing them as casual shoes. In fact, you may want to consider buying two pairs so that you can switch them out every day. This helps to ensure that you’re always wearing dry boots that have had the chance to regain their original shape.

Good work boots aren’t cheap. But if you proactively care for them, you can help them last a long time.

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