How to Hire in a City No One Wants to Work In

How to Hire in a City No One Wants to Work In | Pirate Staffing

The Covid-19 pandemic didn’t just cause a massive transformation in how we work. It also transformed where and how we live. During the shutdowns, many people traded their cramped city apartments for more expansive suburban life. But despite all the changes, one thing remains the same: some locations are simply more attractive than others. So what can you do if your worksite happens to be in a city that no one wants to work in right now? Here are some tips for attracting employees.

So, How Do You Get Somebody to Work in a City No One Wants to Work In?

Embrace Remote Work

While some jobs absolutely have to be performed on-site, the pandemic shutdowns showed us just how much work can be done remotely. Whenever possible, consider hiring remote staff. Or offer a hybrid option that requires workers to be on site just one or two days per week. This will allow you to draw from a larger talent pool, rather than limiting yourself to those who already live in, or are willing to relocate to, your area.

Focus on Teachability and Soft Skills

If you’re limited to hiring from your immediate area, such as for jobs that must be done on-site, reduce the number of hard skills you require. Soft skills such as leadership, organization, and time management are extremely important in any industry. Look for people with those skills along with a desire to work hard and learn new things. You can train them in the specific position, and they might just turn out to be the loyal team players you really need.

Develop an Excellent Work Culture

Today’s talent is looking for more than just a paycheck. Job seekers want to be part of something bigger than themselves. They want to do meaningful work. They want to be valued and treated with respect. Revisit your compensation packages. Make sure your policies are family-friendly. Focus on team building, communication, and forming authentic relationships. Being known for your top-notch work culture can help with attracting employees, even if your location isn’t the best.

Need New Talent?

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