Is 3rd Shift a Good Option for You?

Is 3rd Shift a Good Option for You? | Pirate Staffing

If you’re looking for a new position, you might not have considered third shift. Also known as the graveyard shift, the hours typically run from 11pm to 7am or midnight to 8am. It’s not for everyone, especially those who are unable to easily switch their sleeping times. But if you tend to be a night owl or are good at moving your sleep hours around, working third shift has its own unique benefits. Here are just a few.

Is 3rd Shift a Good Option?

Less Stress

The graveyard shift tends to be quieter than other hours. Clients and vendors rarely, if ever, visit late at night. Upper management is generally sound asleep rather than holding meetings or walking the floor. It can be easier to concentrate on your work, as well as to get to know your coworkers.

Easier Commute

Nobody enjoys sitting in rush hour traffic. But third shift workers are headed home as the morning rush begins. When you’re trying to get to work, most people will have long since gotten off the road, giving you a shorter and more relaxed commute.

Free Daytime Hours

Most businesses operate during daylight hours, from banks to hair salons. And family activities tend to occur in the afternoons or early evenings. If you’re working a 9 to 5, it can be tough to schedule your personal errands, meet up with friends, or catch your child’s Little League game. Working overnight frees up time during the day to take care of these things. Of course, you’ll need to spend several hours asleep, but many night shift workers report an increased ability to get things done during the workweek.

Childcare Considerations

Childcare can be incredibly expensive. If you and your spouse or partner work opposite shifts, though, you may be able to reduce these costs. You can be home to greet your child after school and even take care of bedtime routines, while your partner takes charge of the morning hours.

Third shift isn’t right for everyone. But if you are able to make the switch in your sleeping hours, you might just find that it opens up a whole new world of possibilities for you.

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