Found The Treasure! Knowing You Found the Perfect Job

Found The Treasure! Knowing You Found the Perfect Job | Pirate Staffing

No job will make you happy 100% of the time. But when you settle into the right job, you’ll be able to feel it. Here are a few ways to tell that you found the perfect job for you.

How Do You Know if You Found the Perfect Job?

You Feel Engaged and Motivated

The perfect job doesn’t feel like work most of the time. Instead, it makes you feel engaged, motivated, and happy to be there. Instead of counting the hours until you can go home, you’ll look up at the clock and realize it’s nearly quitting time. Experts call this “flow,” a mental state in which you are completely absorbed in your tasks.

You Trust Yourself

The wrong job will make you second guess yourself constantly. But when you’re in the perfect job for your skillset and interests, your imposter syndrome will melt away. You’ll know that your instincts are solid, and you’ll start to feel comfortable with taking on new tasks outside your comfort zone.

Sunday Is Just Another Day

Remember how bad Sundays used to feel when you were in the wrong job? That sinking feeling of realizing you were about to have to do it all over again? When you’re in the right job, Sunday becomes another part of the week. In fact, you might even find yourself looking forward to Monday!

You’re Not Drawn to the Job Boards

You know there are other jobs out there, some of which might offer better pay and benefits. But you realize you don’t really care. When you’re in the perfect job already, what’s the point of scrolling through other options?

You Feel Challenged

The right job constantly pushes you to learn, grow, and evolve. You’ll feel confident in rising to the challenge, seeking new opportunities and soaking up all the knowledge you can. You might even get inspired to seek self-improvement in other areas of your life.

Your Work Feels Meaningful

Do you feel a sense of purpose when doing your job? Do you sense that you are connected to something larger than yourself? The perfect job not only plays to your strengths and interests but also makes you feel like you are doing something important and meaningful.

Even the perfect job can have its downside. But if you experience the above signs more days than not, odds are good that you’re exactly where you should be right now.

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