Important Company Benefits for 2022

Important Company Benefits for 2022 | Pirate Staffing

The labor market remains tight after all the challenges of the past two years. With so many companies battling for workers, it’s no surprise that company benefits are increasing in importance. But what employees want may not be what you think. Here are some of the most important company benefits to consider offering in 2022.

What Company Benefits are Important in 2022?

Physical and Mental Health Support

It’s been an awful two years for everyone, and workers today want to restore both their physical and mental fitness. Consider offering not only gym memberships, but stipends for home gym equipment. Make sure your health benefits include mental health counseling and consider offering subscriptions to popular mental health apps. Also, focus on creating a health-forward work culture that provides plenty of support.


Both employers and workers had to scramble during the pandemic, and things are still not entirely back to normal. One of the biggest things that today’s workers are looking for is flexibility. Compressed workweeks, unlimited PTO, and ongoing remote or hybrid setups are among the top company benefits many people want to see.


If you want your employees to physically return to work, you’ll need to help them find safe and cost-effective childcare options. If you have room, consider offering on-site childcare. Otherwise, you might provide a stipend to help pay for daycare or in-home providers.

Employee Engagement

One of the leading company benefits you can offer today is excellent work culture. And employee engagement is at its heart. Find creative ways to promote team bonding, from catered lunches to remote workshops. Implement employee recognition programs. Offer volunteer opportunities. Find ways to help your workers more deeply connect to their daily duties. Whatever you do, make sure you are centering the employee experience.

Personalized Benefits

If we learned anything during the pandemic, it’s that we are all individuals with unique needs. Company benefits shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all, but should instead be tailored to each employee. Give your workers options, such as choosing between a childcare stipend and pet insurance. Or simply allocate a certain amount of money to each person and let them spend it on anything from a home gym to a monthly therapist appointment. Or you could allow flexible scheduling without penalizing anyone for their choices, whether they prefer to work at 8 am or 8 pm. Personalization isn’t easy, but it can help you attract and retain a top team.

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