Most Popular Jobs in Manufacturing

Most Popular Jobs in Manufacturing | Pirate Staffing

Manufacturing can be a lucrative career field, and there is always a need for manufacturing workers. But if you are looking to hire a few manufacturing specialists, you might be surprised at just how many different job titles are involved. Here are a few of the most popular jobs in manufacturing.

What Are The Most Popular Jobs In Manufacturing?

Machine Operator

Machine operators run the gamut from specialists with an encyclopedic knowledge of a single machine to generalists who are able to run many different types of equipment. Either way, they are typically responsible for not only operating machines but also keeping them clean and well maintained. Machine operators are usually able to diagnose and fix minor to moderate problems, though you will still need to bring in an expert to repair major breakdowns.

Assembly Line Worker

The job duties of an assembly line worker vary according to business needs. But general skills include interpreting technical drawings, using power tools, and often welding. Assembly line workers don’t necessarily need previous experience, but they should have good stamina and the ability to work quickly under pressure. You’ll also want people with mechanical aptitude and a can-do attitude.

Industrial Painter

Industrial painters are responsible for applying a variety of coatings to parts or finished products. They understand the unique properties of different types of paints, varnishes, and other materials, as well as how they can be affected by environmental conditions. It’s usually best to hire someone with some type of painting experience, though it doesn’t necessarily have to be industrial experience.

Instrument Technician

Instrument technician is one of the more specialized manufacturing jobs. These employees are responsible for testing, balancing, calibrating, and inspecting devices that may be pneumatic, electronic, mechanical, or even nuclear. They need a great deal of technical aptitude, along with a strong ability to use both mechanical calibration tools and computer software. The more sensitive your devices, the more skilled your instrument technicians need to be.

Hiring for manufacturing jobs is more complicated than it might appear because there are so many different specializations. Putting the right people in the right positions will help to ensure your business success.

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