5 Ways to Help Plan Your Work Week

5 Ways to Help Plan Your Work Week | Pirate Staffing

If you’re like many people, you might dread the start of the work week. There never seem to be enough hours in the day, and you may feel pulled in multiple directions. If you’re tired of the chaos, try these simple tips to plan your work week and put yourself in a positive state of mind.

How Can You Plan Your Work Week?

Dump Your Brain

You know how your computer bogs down if you don’t clear the cache now and then? The same thing happens in your brain. Sometime during the weekend, take a few minutes to do a brain dump. Simply write down your thoughts, worries, upcoming appointments, and anything else that’s bothering you. Some people like to do this longhand in a journal, while others prefer a digital note. Either way, as soon as you get it all out, your brain will be able to reset. And you’ll be able to look everything over whenever you like.

Prioritize Tasks

Figure out what’s truly the most important and make a pact with yourself to tackle those things first. Your work week will flow much more smoothly if you know that the biggies are covered. Put everything else into buckets based on importance, and gradually check off items in each bucket once the most critical tasks are done.

Make a Realistic Schedule

Industrial engineers say that you should never schedule more than 80% of your day. Leave the other 20% available for the inevitable things that will arise. If you find yourself with extra time, you can always take on a new task or indulge in self-care. But this will help you avoid running out of time.

Take Care of Household Duties

You may not feel like cooking instead of watching football, but you’ll thank yourself all week if you get your home life taken care of on the weekend. Meal prep, cleaning, and errands are all best done on non-work days. When you’re done, take some time to rest and rejuvenate.

Utilize Mis en Place

If you’ve ever seen a cooking show, you’re probably familiar with mis en place. This is a preparation step in which chefs gather everything they need for a recipe before they start cooking. Apply it to your work week by assigning places for everything you’ll need throughout the week. Car keys by the door, homework folders in your kid’s backpack, outfits selected and hung together in your closet…just a few simple steps can keep you organized all week long.

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