Outside the Box Ways to Recruit Candidates

Outside the Box Ways to Recruit Candidates | Pirate Staffing

Between the lingering effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and the Great Resignation, many employers are facing serious hiring challenges. In today’s tight labor market, your tried-and-true recruitment strategies may not be enough. To bring in top talent, consider these outside-the-box approaches to recruiting.

What Are Some Outside the Box Ways to Recruit Candidates?

Leverage Social Media

If you’re already engaging with customers on your social media channels, this is an easy next step. Your social media followers are brand loyalists, and they want to see you succeed. They’re likely to apply for posted positions themselves or encourage their friends to do so.

If you don’t already have a strong social media presence, now is the time to get started. Create and post short recruitment videos that feature current employees, office tours, and more. Be sure to link to the career section of your website.

Network at Trade Shows and Industry Events

When attending trade shows and related events, your focus is probably on drawing in new customers. But an industry event can also be a great place to widen your hiring net. You’re surrounded by people with similar career interests. You already have promotional materials on hand. You don’t want to recruit outright, as that could be considered poaching employees. But there’s nothing wrong with striking up a conversation about hiring difficulties and strategies.

Focus on Referrals and Boomerang Hires

Your current employees can be an excellent source of new talent. Implement an incentive program for hiring referrals, and keep your team informed about open positions. Also, consider boomerang hiring, which is the process of hiring back former employees. After all, they already know what to expect!

Bring Employees into the Screening Process

It can be tough to determine if a specific candidate is right for an open role, especially if the position is specialized. But your front-line workers know what it really takes to succeed. Consider including them in the hiring process, from reviewing resumes to participating in interviews. They might just identify talent that you had overlooked or even suggest new outside-the-box recruiting ideas.

Need New Talent?

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