3 Unique Ways to Look for Jobs

3 Unique Ways to Look for Jobs | Pirate Staffing

They say it’s a job seeker’s market, but that doesn’t make actually finding and landing a new position any easier. If you’re tired of sending your resume down a black hole, never to be heard from again, maybe you need a new approach. Here are three unique ways to look for jobs that you may not have considered.

What Are 3 Unique Ways to Look for Jobs?

Build a Website

Ever hear the old writer’s creed: Show, Don’t Tell? If you are in any kind of creative field, you’ll need to grab hiring managers’ attention with your portfolio. But even if you aren’t in the creative arts, a website can be your ticket to a great new role. It’s your opportunity to go deeper than you can in a one- or two-page resume. Show off your skills. Write some great content that highlights your industry knowledge. Then promote that website all over social media.

Go Viral

OK, it’s really tough to intentionally create viral content. But it never hurts to try. Create a fantastic video highlighting your skills and career goals, and post it on YouTube. Or write an insightful article about your industry or your dream company and put it on LinkedIn. The point is to create a buzz that just might get people talking, linking, and sharing. If your content goes viral, it’s only a matter of time until employers seek you out.

Work with a Staffing Agency

One of the easiest but most often overlooked ways to take your job search to the next level is to work with a top staffing firm. You’ll learn about new positions before they are ever posted on public job boards. You will get personalized advice and assistance with everything from updating your resume to practicing your interview skills. And you will have a recruiter working hard to match you with opportunities that are just the right fit, dramatically reducing the time and effort it takes to find your next role. Best of all? These services are offered free of charge to job seekers!

If you’re tired of the same old job hunt, it’s time to think outside the box. Try these unique ways to look for jobs, and you just might land your dream role.

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