4 Ways to Show Your Employees You Care

4 Ways to Show Your Employees You Care | Pirate Staffing

If you want to keep your employees happy, productive, and loyal, you will need to take proactive steps to show them how much they mean to you. The basics, such as open communication and fair wages, are just as important as they ever were. But today’s workforce is looking for a little bit more. Here are some easy ways to show your employees you care.

How Can You Show Employees You Care?

Keep It Clean, Safe, and Comfortable

If your employees are working onsite, make a great first impression every time they walk in the door. Offer a clean, safe work environment that is free of trash or debris. Keep dangerous chemicals properly stored and clearly labeled. Provide all necessary training and safety equipment. Clean up spills promptly. Take the trash out regularly. Also, consider health measures to protect against not only Covid-19, but also other illnesses that can easily run through workspaces. Paid time off, increased air filtration, and opportunities for social distancing, along with regular cleaning of high-touch surfaces, can go a long way.

Offer Great Benefits and Perks

If you really want to show your employees you care, think beyond traditional benefits (though those are also important). Survey your workers to find out what they care about, and then consider offering a menu of options. For example, someone who relies on public transportation might really value a monthly bus pass, while a single parent may prefer an extra afternoon off each week.

Create Bonding Opportunities

Workplaces run best when there are true bonds between employees, as well as between workers and staff. So create opportunities for everyone to get to know each other outside of the worksite. Escape rooms, catered lunches, birthday parties, and even company retreats are just a few ways to help your team members bond.

Develop Trust

Show your employees you care about their mental health and well-being by making trust a core value. Be authentic and transparent, even when times are tough. Create a safe space where workers are respected, and mistakes are turned into learning opportunities. Be yourself, and let your employees be themselves.

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