What to Expect on Your First Day Working in a Warehouse

A new warehouse job can be an exciting first step in a long and fruitful career. You’ll likely have the opportunity to move around, learning new positions. And if you work hard, it’s relatively easy to advance. But what can you expect on your very first day? Let’s take a look.

What Does Your First Day Working in a Warehouse Look Like?


Depending on the company, onboarding for your new warehouse job could be a lot of fun, or it could feel like drudgery. But the sooner you get the paperwork out of the way, the faster you can move on to learning your new job duties. You’ll fill out forms and learn a lot of policies. Bring a pen and paper so you can take notes.


After you finish your paperwork, you’ll probably get a tour of the warehouse. This is your opportunity to learn where everything is located, from the break room to the bathroom to the safety gear. This is also a great time to ask about scheduling, including break times, as well as any other general questions you might have.

Safety Training

Safety is paramount in any warehouse environment, so expect to spend a lot of time going over the rules and procedures. You’ll be expected to know and follow all relevant safety guidelines throughout your career, so it’s important to pay close attention. Make sure you understand emergency procedures, including how to report anything that goes wrong.

Job Shadowing

Sometime in the afternoon, you’ll likely be ready to hit the warehouse floor. Many companies have their new employees spend some time shadowing a more experienced worker. You’ll follow them around and watch how they do things. Formal training may be a part of this, or it might be more of a general introduction to the job. Either way, do your best to stay engaged. Ask lots of questions. Be ready to perform tasks on your own after you see a demonstration. And remember, anything can happen in a warehouse. If things get backed up, you might even be asked to help for a while.

Your first day in a new warehouse job will likely be busy and even a bit overwhelming. But knowing what to expect can help ensure that you put your best foot forward.

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