Designing Irresistible Administrative Job Postings: Tips to Boost Attractiveness

Designing Irresistible Administrative Job Postings: Tips to Boost Attractiveness | Pirate Staffing

Administrative job postings can be tough to create. The work isn’t inherently glamorous or exciting, so you’ll need to inject some creativity into your ads (while still remaining entirely truthful, of course). Here are some tips.

How Can You Boost the Attractiveness of Your Job Postings?

Know Your Audience

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and this is true for job postings as well. Take some time to sit down and determine who your ideal candidate would be. Then, design your ads specifically for that person. What would attract your preferred candidate the most? Flexibility? Perks? Opportunities for advancement? Lean into those areas when writing your job descriptions.

Add Some Personality

More and more job seekers, especially those in Gen Z, are now listing work culture as a top priority. So, show yours off by adding a bit of flair to your job postings. Humor and a positive attitude can help your postings stand out. And don’t forget to talk about what makes your company a great place to work. Catered meals on Fridays? Casual dress code? Pet-friendly office? Anything that sets your company apart is worth mentioning.

Detail the Opportunities

No one wants to leave their current job for something that isn’t any better. Think about not only the position for which you’re currently hiring, but also the typical career path that could follow. Describe the skills employees will learn in the role and the career development programs you offer.

And don’t forget about opportunities outside of the workday as well. Do you sponsor an employee volleyball team? Is there an annual companywide retreat? Does your organization throw a killer Christmas party? Or maybe there are ways to give back, such as volunteer activities or food drives. People like to work for companies that feel like family, as well as those that are connected to the larger community.

Writing administrative job postings can be tricky, since the work itself isn’t glamorous. But if you think outside the box and focus on everything your company has to offer, you can attract top-tier candidates even in a tight labor market.

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