Tips on How to Use Search Engines Properly to Find a Job

Tips on How to Use Search Engines Properly to Find a Job | Pirate Staffing

Looking for a new job is never easy. The sheer number of job sites out there can make it even tougher, since you don’t want to waste all your time digging through irrelevant listings. Fortunately, a few simple steps can help you make the most of job search engines.

How Can You Use Search Engines to Find a Job?

Use an Aggregator

There are a few job search engines, such as Indeed and SimplyHired, that aggregate job postings from all over the web, as well as paid job listings. This means that you can find a broad collection of jobs very quickly. Of course, it also means that you’ll have to use carefully targeted keyword searches to narrow them down.

Find Specialized Sites

You can find job boards that focus on specific industries, geographic areas, or even types of employers (such as government agencies). Look for sites with robust search engines that will help you hone in on the specific positions that interest you.

Download the Apps

Job hunting can be time-consuming, so you might as well multitask. With your favorite sites’ mobile apps on your phone or tablet, you can search for jobs while waiting for an appointment or even standing in line at the grocery store. Some sites even let you save a resume directly on the site, making it easy to send off applications with just a couple of clicks.

Use Advanced Search

Take advantage of all the search engine capabilities your chosen sites have to offer. Filter by salary, location, remote vs. on-site, or anything else that is important to you. That way, you won’t waste your time on listings that aren’t the right fit.

Sign up for Alerts

After registering with your favorite sites and setting your advanced search criteria, be sure to sign up for job alerts. The site will automatically notify you whenever a new position is posted that meets your criteria. What could be easier than that?

Looking for a new job is never easy. But many job sites now offer robust search engines that can remove a lot of the guesswork and help you find just the right open positions. Narrow your criteria as much as possible, job search during your downtime, and don’t forget to set alerts. You’ll find your next role sooner than you ever thought possible!

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