Ways to Stay Organized During Your Job Search

Ways to Stay Organized During Your Job Search | Pirate Staffing

Searching for a new job can be frustrating. If you aren’t organized, it can easily spiral to overwhelming. But with a few simple tips, you can keep everything under control. Here are some ways to stay organized during your job search.

4 Ways to Stay Organized During Your Job Search

Decide What You Want

Before you start sending out applications, figure out what you’re looking for. What industry interests you? Are you looking for remote, on-site, or hybrid work? Part-time or full-time? Day shift or overnights? Do you prefer a more hands-on or hands-off management style? The more you can narrow down what you want, the less time you’ll waste applying for jobs that aren’t truly right for you.

Create a Spreadsheet

You won’t stay organized for long if you don’t track your applications. For each application, list the company name and a few details about the organization. Note who the primary contact is, along with their email address and phone number. Log the date of your application, along with any upcoming dates such as interviews. Make a note of any follow-up messages you’ve sent, and keep a running track of the status of your application.

Make a Schedule

Organizing your time is very important in keeping your job search on track. Block out specific times on your calendar to work on your search, and divide your time blocks into categories. For example, you might dedicate some time to updating your resume and a different chunk of time to following up with companies you have already applied to.

Track Your Metrics

Hard data is always the best way to see what’s working and what still needs to be tweaked. For your job search, keep a weekly list that includes:

  • New contacts
  • Jobs applied for
  • Potential leads
  • Follow-up communications
  • Interviews completed

Staying organized isn’t always easy, but it’s key to a less frustrating and more successful job search. Take a few minutes every day to make sure you’re on track, and update your results weekly. Use the data you collect to help you decide where to focus your attention, and you’ll be well on your way to landing the job of your dreams.

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