How to Write Job Descriptions That Are Attractive to Candidates

How to Write Job Descriptions That Are Attractive to Candidates | Pirate Staffing

Are you having trouble attracting job applicants that are the right fit for your company? Do you spend a lot of time sorting through resumes from candidates who aren’t even close to being a match? The trouble might be with your job descriptions. Here are some tips to better align your descriptions with the talent you hope to attract.

How Can You Write Job Descriptions that Can Attract Candidates?

Identify Your Ideal Candidate

It’s not enough to know what educational background or skills you want your new hire to have. You also need to know what sort of person you’re looking for. What are their values and priorities? What does their five-year career path look like? Do they find happiness in a paycheck or work-life balance or doing something that’s truly meaningful? The more you are able to define your ideal candidate, the easier it will be to write a job description that resonates with them.

Use Keywords

You might think that a creative job title will help you stand out from the crowd. But the truth is that SEO (search engine optimization) is very important in helping candidates find your job descriptions in the first place. Use keywords that clearly state not only what the position is (such as warehouse worker) but also relevant descriptors (steel fittings or furniture mover or general assistant). This will align your job descriptions with the way candidates are likely to search for them.

Describe Your Company

At the top of each job description, add a short company summary. Briefly explain what you do, how long you’ve been in business, and why you’re hiring. Customize this paragraph for each job ad with a short line at the end that explains what you need your new hire to do. For example, you might say “help us maintain quality control standards” or “assist with picking and packing” or “perform general cleanup around the facility.”

Focus on the Benefits, Requirements, and Responsibilities

Provide a brief, compelling description of the role that clearly lays out the benefits, requirements, and responsibilities. Benefits include not just salary and insurance but also perks such as catered Friday lunches. Also, mention how the work impacts customers. You might say something like, “Be part of a pharmaceutical company that is helping people live longer and healthier lives.” Or “play Santa every day in our toy manufacturing facility.”

Keep your requirements list as short as possible. Focus on the skills and experience that are truly necessary for success. If you’re willing to train on the job, state that clearly.

In the responsibilities section, help candidates envision what a day in the role would look like. Be sure to use verbs that drive excitement, such as “shaping projects” or “ensuring success.”

Watch Out for Bias

Gendered language, American idioms, and even jargon can turn away potentially excellent employees before they ever complete an application. Focus on simple, plain-spoken English that is gender-neutral and easy to understand.

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