Employee Leaving? Use Their Exit Interview to Help Boost Future Retention

Employee Leaving? Use Their Exit Interview to Help Boost Future Retention | Pirate Staffing

Employee retention is a real struggle for companies today, across all industries. With unemployment at record lows and workers unafraid to leave for greener pastures, you’ll need all the help you can get to keep your team fully staffed. Exit interviews can be a powerful tool in the quest to keep retention high.

How Can Exit Interviews Help Boost Future Retention?

Find Out Why

The most important thing you can learn from exit interviews is why employees are leaving. While you might have some outliers, you will generally start to identify trends. Maybe your compensation is too low. Perhaps a competitor offers better perks. Or maybe something else is at play. Until you know what is driving people to leave, though, you won’t be able to fix the issue.

Assess Your Managers

Be sure to ask former employees what they thought of their managers. You can get a lot of insight from exit interviews that may not surface during regular performance reviews. If a manager is part of the problem, now may be the time to provide retraining. If employees frequently cite a particular manager as being helpful and professional, be sure to reward them accordingly.

Improve Your Company Culture

A positive work culture is key to retaining today’s employees. Exit interviews give you the chance to find out what workers really think of everything from your employee rewards to your wellbeing initiatives to your commitment to diversity and inclusion. Take all feedback seriously, and look for ways to improve in the areas that are currently lacking.

Of course, exit interviews shouldn’t be your only form of feedback. Make sure you have clear lines of communication with your current team members. Send out regular employee surveys. Take active steps to create a culture of collaboration in which people feel comfortable speaking freely. Taken together, feedback from both current and former employees can help you build stronger employee loyalty. And don’t be afraid of trial and error. One initiative might fall flat, but the next could be the breath of fresh air that your company needed.

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