What Can You Do to Be Noticed as a Temp Worker?

What Can You Do to Be Noticed as a Temp Worker? | Pirate Staffing

As a temp worker, you’re in something of a unique position. You’ll get to know the company you’re working for from the inside out, but you will also be on a contract with a definite end date. Still, this can be an excellent way to get your foot in the door. Although there are no guarantees, many companies are willing to offer full-time employment to exceptional temp workers. Here’s how you can get noticed.

How Can You Be Noticed as a Temp Worker?

Keep Personalization to a Minimum

Personalizing your workspace can give you a bit of a mood boost, but don’t take it too far. You’re not currently a long-term team member, so fully claiming your space can seem presumptive or off-putting. It will also make it harder to get all your items at once when your contract ends.

Instead, add just a few items that are small and easy to pack. One or two photos and your favorite mug can help you feel at home without giving the impression that you’re moving in. Don’t bring anything irreplaceable, as there is always the possibility of it going missing in the shuffle.

Keep Up with Your Timesheets

As a temp worker, you’ll be paid by your staffing agency. They undoubtedly have formal timesheets and a step-by-step process for completing them and turning them in. Late or incomplete timesheets can throw off budgets and schedules for both the agency and your employer, and will likely result in delayed pay. If you have any questions about your timesheets, just call your agency and ask!

Communicate Through Proper Channels

When you work as a temp, your primary employer is your staffing agency. But you’re also working for a specific company. Whenever you have an issue, use your best judgment in deciding who to contact. In general, questions or concerns about the assignment itself (pay, work hours, etc.) should go to the agency. Things involving your day-to-day work should go to your work supervisor. But it’s often most effective to communicate big issues to both parties, so that they can work together to solve them. No matter what, be respectful and stick to the concern at hand.

Give Notice

Although you’ve agreed to a temporary contract, employers understand that a more lucrative opportunity might come along. It’s almost always okay to end your contract early, but do it professionally. Give at least a week’s written notice to both your employer and the staffing agency so that they have time to replace you.

Ready for a New Position?

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