Tips on How to Unwind After a Long, Demanding Shift

Tips on How to Unwind After a Long, Demanding Shift | Pirate Staffing

If you’ve just finished a long, demanding shift at work, it can be tough to wind down and settle in for the evening. But rest is absolutely essential for both physical and mental health. Before you reach for a glass of wine and the remote, try these tips to unwind.

How Can You Unwind After a Long, Demanding Shift?

Mindfulness and Intentional Relaxation

These practices are designed to relieve stress and ease your mind. You can try progressive muscle relaxation, meditation, yoga, or even simple deep breathing. Whatever you choose, focus your entire awareness on it.

Physical Activity

Now isn’t the time to try to increase reps or add weights at the gym. Instead, focus on light activity that will release endorphins without being too taxing. Dancing, jogging, walking your dog, or simply going for a slow stroll are just a few ways to decompress.


Spend some time being fully present with your loved ones. This might mean cooking dinner together, playing board games, or simply hanging out on the back deck. Put your phone away and indulge in quality conversation.

Focus on Your Hobbies

What do you most love to do with your time? Some people prefer painting or gardening. Others play musical instruments or curl up with a good book. Whatever you find truly rejuvenating is an excellent way to get your mind off of work.

Indulge in Self-Care

Being kind to yourself will help to ward off burnout and keep you mentally and physically strong. Common self-care activities include:

  • A hot bath
  • Calming music
  • Aromatherapy
  • Journaling
  • A warm beverage
  • Massage

Never force yourself to do something you don’t enjoy just because it’s labeled as “self-care.” Some people can’t relax in a bathtub, while others hate strong fragrances, and that’s okay! Experiment with different techniques to determine what you find relaxing and restful.

No matter which method you choose to unwind, it won’t be successful if you’re still connected to work. Resist the urge to check your email, or better yet, simply power down your devices altogether. After work is your time, and how you utilize it will partially determine how well you’re able to sleep at night.

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