Recruiting Strategies That Can Help This Spring

Recruiting Strategies That Can Help This Spring | Pirate Staffing

The labor market remains tight, which means that it can be tough to fill your open positions. If you want to stand out from your competitors and attract top talent, you’ll need to take some proactive steps. Here are a few recruiting strategies to help you increase your hiring rates this spring.

What Recruiting Strategies Can Help You Find Candidates This Spring?

Career Page

Take a hard look at your website’s career page. If it hasn’t been updated for a while, now is the time. You’ll want to use this space to not only promote your open position, but also to share information about your company. What benefits and perks do you offer? What’s the overall mission and vision? What does your company culture look like? Use a variety of content types, from videos to FAQs, to give candidates a more complete idea of what to expect.

Niche Job Boards

Posting open roles on massive job sites can be tempting, but one of two things can happen: Either your post gets overlooked, and you receive very few applications, or you receive hundreds of resumes from unqualified candidates. Niche job boards are specifically targeted to people in your industry or who are interested in a certain type of position. They tend to be less crowded and to attract those who are generally qualified.


No matter where you post your job openings, you’ll want to optimize them for Google search. Use targeted keywords that describe the position and/or the company. Also, consider adding location keywords, especially if the job cannot be done remotely.

Social Media

Your social media accounts can be a valuable source for recruiting passive candidates. But you’ll need to use targeted strategies. Post content regularly, such as employee spotlights and information about upcoming recruiting events. And keep building your brand. Let potential employees know what to expect. Don’t be afraid to make recruiting videos or even start a podcast, as long as you know you’ll have time to keep it going.

Overlooked Populations

You can vastly increase your talent pool by recruiting candidates who fall into traditionally overlooked populations. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Veterans
  • Mothers or caregivers
  • People with disabilities
  • People who were formerly incarcerated
  • New graduates

Employee Referrals

Who knows your company and what is needed to succeed better than your current employees? Develop a robust employee referral program that offers cash or prizes for referrals that lead to hiring. Encourage your workers to spread the word far and wide about open positions. And reach out to former employees who may have quit during The Great Resignation to see if they would be interested in returning.

Also, keep an active talent pool consisting of applicants who weren’t ultimately hired. Perhaps someone wasn’t quite right for a specific position but would be a natural fit somewhere else. Regularly revisit your files to search for those who might qualify for a now-open role.

Need New Talent?

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