What Should You Follow Up With After an Interview?

What Should You Follow Up With After an Interview? | Pirate Staffing

Did you know that what you do after a job interview can influence whether or not you get the job? If you recently had an interview, it’s worth taking the time to follow up. Here’s how.

How Can You Follow Up After an Interview?

Thank You Note

Take the first step within 24 hours of your interview by sending a heartfelt thank you note. Mention something specific that happened during the interview or something you were excited to learn about the company. Reiterate how excited you are to hear from them again, but keep it short. Resist the urge to add new information or ask for feedback.

Follow-Up Email

Don’t be too eager to follow up. If the interviewer gave you a date to expect another communication, wait until a week after that date. If you don’t have a specific date, wait at least three weeks after your interview before sending this email.

This email should be no more than three paragraphs and directed to your interviewer. Very politely express that you are still interested in the role, and give one or two reasons why. Ask if you can provide any additional information that would assist them in making a decision. Resist the urge to ask for a firm response date, but go ahead and state that you are looking forward to hearing back soon.

Communicating a Major Change

If your situation significantly changes, it’s okay to reach out even if it has only been a few days since your interview. Maybe you got another offer or earned a new certification in a relevant area. In this case, simply let them know what the change was and reiterate your excitement about working with them. If you have another offer on the table, let them know what date you need to give your decision to the other company. Otherwise, don’t mention specific timelines.

Asking for Feedback

If you had a great interview but didn’t ultimately get the job, it’s OK to send a request for feedback. Be very polite and thank the interviewer for taking the time with you. State that you enjoyed your interview and would appreciate some constructive feedback on what you can improve for your next interview.

You might not hear anything at all, or you might get a nice note with some helpful feedback. But this type of note can also keep you top of mind. You never know when a new role might become available that the interviewer believes would be the right fit.

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